Become an Expert

Everything you need to reach your professional and hobby goals with PlayCanvas.


Have you ever felt frustrated that you can’t achieve your goal or found it difficult to learn the right way? We can help you learn quickly and get productive with your PlayCanvas projects.

Our instructor, Leonidas, brings more than a decade of experience in developing high quality WebGL and PlayCanvas projects. His work as a full-time professional developer and as a support engineer in PlayCanvas helps him offer an effective mentorship program for starting developers.


Leonidas Maliokas

Leonidas Maliokas

Instructor at Solar Games

"Leonidas provides incredibly high quality support for PlayCanvas. He is always super-engaged on the forum and is also a great ambassador for us in other channels like Twitter."

– Will Eastcott, CEO of PlayCanvas

Mentorship breakdown

1 to 1

The instructor works directly with you in weekly live sessions. You can stay in contact with him all week in private chat when needed.

Tailored to you

At the start of the mentorship we set the goals and each weekly subject together. Are you looking for generic knowledge or specific help to move on with your project? Or specifically to get proficient with shaders or post effects? It’s your choice!

Live teaching

No pre-recorded sessions, everything is made according to your needs as we move forward with your mentorship.

Experienced Mentor

The instructor has been onboarding individuals and companies to the PlayCanvas platform since 2014.

All entry levels

Are you just starting with JavaScript? Are you coming from a native engine? Are you just starting with game dev? Every level is accepted.

Free software used

You can get started with the free plan for PlayCanvas. Depending on your needs we may tackle 3D model and texture preparation using free to use programs (e.g. Blender).

Mentorship Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Every student level is accepted. We can have a quick chat on your current level and needs and plan your mentorship accordingly.

What do I get?

Regular feedback together and a specific and tried approach on how to approach learning PlayCanvas. Professional support and connections. Friendly learning environment. Fun with learning!

When does the mentorship begin?

We are currently open for new mentorships. Contact us to set your exact starting date.

How do live sessions work?

We set a day and time that suits us both and we do a live call using video and screen sharing. At any point we can set up a common PlayCanvas project we both have access and work on, or visit your existing projects. The sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

How do payments work?

We generate an invoice for 2 weeks at a minimum and you are required to pay it in advance before your first lesson.

Can I get a refund?

We issue refunds only before the lessons start. If you need to do so, feel free to contact us to arrange it.

Can I get help with my full time or part time job at the same time?

Yes, several of our students are full time professionals that seek to get support with their ongoing projects and keep learning.

How long does the mentorship lasts?

It’s up to you! We can set the pace and the goals of your mentorship together and analyze how many weeks you need. Payments are flexible and are done weekly so you can easily organize that.

We are a company interested in training our employees, do you accept groups?

Yes, we can arrange that! Feel free to contact us so we can discuss further.