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Pushing the boundaries

High-quality web demos made possible with the Solar Tools

Solar Tools Demos

Solar Pool

Realistic pool scene with advanced water reflections and real time lighting.

Solar Apartment

A top down player controller using pathfinding, multiplayer and user selected avatars.

Solar XR Room

A high end visuals solution targeted to XR devices.

Solar Gallery

An interactive gallery powered with spatial voice chat and live video streaming.

Aritelia Island Creator

A procedural generated world with jaw dropping visuals running in a webpage.

Solar Backgammon

Photorealistic interior featuring day & night real time lighting and shadows.

Pirron Pool

Complex archviz scene transferred from Unreal to PlayCanvas.

Midjourney to PlayCanvas

An exploration in using generative AI to empower game development.

Solar City

An open world metaverse like city environment showcasing the use of occlusion culling:
100 animated avatars are hidden in the city!

Solar Stage

A live multiplayer event demo in PlayCanvas.

Solar Island

A massive open world live rendered in a webpage. Walk, drive and fly around!


A procedurally generated world where you can explore, build and play (in development).

Solar Supermarket

Retail scene with hundreds of unique products rendering in a webpage.